A consequence of archaeological excavations is the complete destruction of the prehistoric remains being investigated. After completion of the excavations the remains are destroyed for all future. Therefore, excavation first and foremost means to execute a complete as possible documentation to enable future researchers to utilize the results of our excavations.

1. In Sundfjæra nivellationequipment is used to measure where the machines are going to remove turf and where the profiles are to be left. At the top of the terrace field supervisors Wenche and Kristel are discussing the progress of the work.

2. For more accurate measurements we use a totalstation. These measure vertical and horizontal values electronically, and can be attached to computers for graphical display of dwellings, coordinatesystems and topographical features. Measurement assistant Frank is here posing with the Sokkia Set500 total station.

3. Exposed field is being cleaned in Sundfjæra. In the background the surface-stripping is going on. After two days work another dwelling was found in this area. Last year's exposed dwellings are covered by black cloth until the surface-stripping is complete.

4. After surface stripping fine digging starts. In this project we preferrably dig stratigraphically.

5. The soil is separated according to quadrants within the coordinatesystem and screened seprately in 4 or 2 mm screens to distinguish small debitage and flakes, charcoal, bones etc.

6. All structures are drawn in scale of 1:20 or 1:10. The drawings provide a basis for further interpretations but are also an essensial part of the documentation of the structures for the future.

7. In addition all structures and important findings are photographed in black/white and colour.

8. The specially interesting artifacts are drawn in the office. Andrea Balbo from Italy is in charge of this task. Finally all finds are cataloged in a database.





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