Sundfjæra is a relatively sheltered shallow bay with a flatter area towards the seashore in the south and a marked rising of terrain towards the north. Due to practical reasons we have divided the area in two archaeological sites; Sundfjaera nedre and Sundfjaera midtre. The upper area is situated on the edge of a terrace, and here remains from early stone age were found, while the lower area has younger remains.

Sundfjaera is divided in two archaeological sites. Sundfjaera midtre stretches from the upper part of the stripped field and down to the narrower and steeper area. Sundfjaera nedre comprises the area from this part and down to the seashore.

Above, right: Aerial view of Sundfjaera. The surface stripping is now complete, and the dwellings can be seen as darker shapes in the lighter ancient beach.

Pictures from the last days in Sundfjaera.

Above, left: View of the middle part of Sundfjaera midtre, seen towards west. Right: Areas were turned into muddy paths after several days of constant rain.

Below, left: The upper part of Sundfjaera midtre, seen towards west. Right: Lower parts of Sundfjaera midtre and Sundfjaera nedre seen towards southwest.





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