The excavations at Melandet were of limitied extent. Here it was planned to focus on an area situated on a terrace about 15 meters above sea level. This work started in the first half of July.

Statoil has already started construction in this area. A road and tunnel connecting Melkøya to Hammerfest will be built. Barracks for workers have also been put up.

The picture on the left shows the view of Meland seen towards North. The terrace is situated east of and above the houses, that now are being used as offices for construction. In the background some of Melkoya can be seen.

Soon it was clear that this area had nice traces of prehistoric activities. At the bottom of the terrace and close to a small stream, test pits revealed artifacts from late stone age and early metal age.

Due to the fast progression of construction activities, this area was originally not planned to be subjected to larger archaeological investigations. This area is in immediate proximity of the tunnel leading under the strait to Melkoya.

In the picture to the left the excavation area is marked with a red circle. Here it is worked close to bulldozers and trucks.

The excavations are now completed and the area is given over to the construction companies.

The team at Melandet started their investigations with test pitting. In the areas of the archaeological findings a 1x4 m trench was laid out. Several artifacts from early metal age turned up, and the area was further expanded with 16 quadratmetres. In this picture Monica, Randi, Øystein, Åse and Melanie are digging through new layers.

The excavations could not reveal any structures like dwellings, fireplaces etc. Most probably these are in the areas already affected by construction activities.

Meland after completion of the excavations. To the left larger rocks that are part of the building of a road in connection with the gas project. Opened field is seen as a quadrant with a deeper thrench in the middle. To the right a small stream that were used for screening excavated masses is running.

Some finds from Melandet





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