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The excavations in 2002 took place in the period of June 10th - September 13th. In 2001 excavations were carried out in the period of June - October.

In charge is the Archaeological Department, Tromsø Museum, University of Tromsø.

The project is funded by Statoil.

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Project staff:

Director: Anders Hesjedal.

Deputy directors: Morten Ramstad and Anja Roth Niemi.

During different periods Colin Amundsen, Frank Roberg and Theo Gil have been employed with various aspects of post-excavational work.

The project is to be finished by July 2006. The results of the excavations will then be published in a major report.

Melkøya is situated outside Hammerfest in Northern Norway. More information about Hammerfest is found on These pages. Visit our linkpages for more information about the bakground for, and progress of, the construction of the installation for liquid natural gas at Melkøya.

Hammerfest. View towards Melkoya.





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